LezMart Wallet is a virtual wallet on our platform that can be used to purchase items as well as for the receiving of payments. The wallet introduces a new system to the store whereby the customer can use real money to purchase credit. After purchasing the desired amount, the credit would be stored in the customer’s wallet. The customer can then make purchases on the platform. This gives the customer a new and quick method to make purchases without the trouble of using a payment gateway.

  1. US Dollar denominated wallet.
  2. Store funds(money) in the wallet.
  3. Top up using digital currencies.
  4. Make purchases at any time.
  5. Check referral information.
  6. Review transaction history.
  7. Transfer money to other users.
  8. Receive cashbacks from making purchases.
  9. Receive referral commission payments.
  10. Receive product review commission payments.

Yes. A customer can use it to pay all or a portion of the total order amount and the remaining amount with a normal payment gateway. For example, if an order’s total amount is $10, the customer can pay $7 of the order’s total amount using his wallet’s credit and the rest of the order’s total amount ($3) using the normal payment gateway during the checkout process. Loyal customers who frequent the store can use it so they would not need to use other payment gateways for every purchase.

  1. Click on “My Account” on the homepage of the website.
  2. Sign up by registering with a working e-mail address.
  3. A password will be sent to your email address that you used in signing up.
  4. Check your email address account (inbox and/or spam folder) for your LezMart generated password.
  5. An account activation email link will be forwarded to the email address you signed up with.
  6. Check your email address account (inbox and/or spam folder) for the account activation email link.
  7. Verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you.
  8. After verification, you will be directed automatically to the dashboard of your account in LezMart.

It’s easy! Whenever you need to fund your LezMart Wallet, just login into your account.

In the My Wallet tab of your LezMart account,

  1. Select “Wallet top up”
  2. You will see “Enter Amount”
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. The checkout page will appear for you to choose your preferred payment option.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Next, you will be asked to pay for the order
  8. You will be sent to the payment gateway you chose to complete the transaction.
  9. After completing the transaction, you will be directed back to the LezMart site.
  10. Depending on the payment gateway you chose, your account should be credited instantly.
  11. You can NOW proceed to use your LezMart wallet to perform transactions on the platform

Yes. Whenever you purchase a product on the website, you will receive cashback which is credited to your LezMart wallet.

Yes. Give honest star ratings and write reviews (positives or negatives) for products that you have purchased as well as the overall shopping experience on our website and you will receive  commission payment for the reviews.

Yes. Copy your personal referral link located in the wallet section of your account and share it via social media or email among your friends and family members.

Yes. You can transfer money to other users' wallets on the platform if you know and have their email addresses.

It’s easy! Whenever you need to transfer money from your wallet to another, just login into your account.

In the My Wallet tab of your account,

  1. Select “Wallet transfer”
  2. You will see “Select whom to transfer (Email)”
  3. Enter the person's email address
  4. Enter Amount
  5. You will see “What’s this for”
  6. Enter the purpose or reasons for the transfer in the box provided
  7. Click on “Proceed to transfer”
  8. The person's wallet will be credited instantly.

Yes. You can transfer money to anyone including those that are not registered on our website. During the checkout process, input their account/wallet numbers or addresses and place the order.