LezMart Wallet

LezMart Wallet is a type of virtual wallet that can be used to purchase items as well as receiving of payments on our platform. The wallet introduces a new system to the store which the customer can use real money to purchase credit. After purchasing the desired amount, the credit would be stored in the customer’s account wallet. Later the customer can make purchases, withdrawal or send money using the stored credit in his/her account wallet.

Customers can also use this to pay a portion of the total order amount using their wallet’s credit and the remaining amount with a normal payment gateway. For example, if an order’s total amount is $10, the customer can pay $7 of the order’s total amount using their wallet’s credit and the rest of the order’s total amount ($3) using normal payment gateway during the checkout process.

This give customers a new and quick method to make their purchases without the trouble of using a payment gateway. Loyal customers who frequent the store can use their wallet’s credit so they would not need to use other payment gateways for every purchase


  1. Customers can buy the credit using real money.
  2. Customers can store the credit in their account wallet.
  3. Customers can charge their account wallet with any desired amount.
  4. Customers can make purchases using the stored credit at any time.
  5. Customers can view and add new credits to their wallet using their account page.
  6. The history of the account’s wallet can be viewed.
  7. Customers can transfer the credit in their wallets to other users on the platform.
  8. Customers can receive cashbacks from making purchases on the platform.
  9. Customers can receive payments in their account wallet.
  10. Customers can make withdrawal from their account wallet.