LezMart Wallet Funding


It’s easy! Whenever you need to fund your LezMart Wallet, just login into your account. Minimum deposit is $1

In the My Wallet tab of your LezMart account,

  1. Select “Wallet top up”
  2. You will see “Enter Amount”
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. The checkout page will appear for you to choose your preferred payment option.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Next, you will be asked to pay for the order
  8. You will be sent to the payment gateway you chose to complete the transaction.
  9. After completing the transaction, you will be directed back to the LezMart site.
  10. Depending on the payment gateway you chose, your account should be credited instantly.

You can NOW proceed to use your LezMart wallet credit to perform transactions on the platform